Our Name

Happy Joe Name

The Happy Joe name is all about being different.

With so many negative stereotypes out there, we felt it was critical to change the story surrounding our Veterans. This is why you will never see negative stories or images associated with our brand. 

We don't take it lightly or dismiss that there is pain, injuries, or wounds within our military community. This is real. However, we believe there is more positive than negative and we want to show that.


Instead of painting the typical "broken Veteran" picture so many non-profits do, we decided to focus on the positive side. It’s time for a happier and healthier image of our veterans and their families. The world needs more good in it.


“Joe” is a nickname that was given to U.S. Army soldiers back in WWII. However it’s been used in all branches of the military. It's a historic and generic term that honors all veterans, regardless of their sex, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), or branch of service. 


This unofficial salute was a way to communicate that we are squared away and that everything is all good. While we love the traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces, Happy Joe is also unconventional. It might be a quirky slogan but it's fun!